Book Review: “Pale Demon” by Kim Harrison

In today’s economy there are few authors who have me running out of my house as soon as the book store opens to buy their new book in hardcover – Kim Harrison is one of those authors.

I have been a fan of the Hollows books since I read the very first one “Dead Witch Walking” in 2004.  The cover had me reaching for it and I never put Rachel, Ivy, and Jenks back on the shelf without taking them home with me.

Through each book and new adventures, Ms. Harrison has created flawed, messed up, backwards, completely screwed characters that I (like many other fans) love, adore, and root for through all of the ups and downs.  No matter how many times the magic goes wrong, the hunt is not what it seems, or the characters deeply mourn the loss of someone they (and all of us) have come to love so deeply it moves all to tears – I have been sitting here reading and loving every minute of my time in the Hollows.

I believe there comes a time when an author who has been writing a series for some time must come to a point where they either include some campy feel good scenario where everyone moves forward with the world filled with rainbows and birthday cake… or they do what Ms. Harrison accomplished in “Pale Demon”.  The author I want to read, the one that will have my support no matter where their characters or muse takes them are the ones who walk boldly into the dark, especially when they have no idea what maybe lying in wait on the other side.

Few authors have created strong female leads who are aware of who they are and what they bring to the table.  Many create the ‘reluctant heroine’, this woman spends so much of her time trying to deny who they really are the authors have to almost create a world of self-help for her before she can fulfill herself, save her friends, save the world, or simply stop being afraid of their own shadow.

Rachel Mariana Morgan stood directly in the line of fire in her newest adventures, she stared into the face of possibly losing absolutely everything and everyone she loved and kept going forward because at the end of the day, she knew exactly who she was.

I enjoyed the flushing out of the relationship between Trent and Rachel, I further appreciated Rachel growing enough as a woman to realize truly her feelings and opinions on Pierce.  But it was the scene with Ivy, the talk they had which had me in tears, my heart was breaking thinking what amazing women Rachel and Ivy both were to have weathered that talk.

My hat is off to Ms. Harrison for once again making me believe in The Hollows and all who call them home whether they be real or imagined.

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