Book Review: “Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story” by Carolyn Turgeon

Wandering around B&N the title of the book captured my attention immediately.  I like books where the author puts a new spin on an old tale.  I enjoy seeing where their mind leads them and the re-wiring the story has because of it.

I enjoyed the story of this book right up until the end.

I believed Ms. Turgeon could have helped a little with her transitions between the back story with the Fae and the current story of Lil, an old woman who works in a book store.  We find out she is the fairy godmother who had been responsible for getting Cinderella to the ball to meet Prince Charming.

The twist: instead of getting Cinderella to the ball to meet Prince Charming, Lil goes herself. 

This obviously changes everything, it edits how the future was supposed to be – you see Cinderella was supposed to be the catalyst of wonderment for the next hundred years but it never happened and Lil was cast out of her world into the world of humans.

As the story progresses she finds herself being given a second chance, a moment to redeem herself in the eyes fo the fairies, a way to return home – all she has to do is hook up George her employer and Veronica, a hair dresser that believes in fairies and the wonderment of old.

This book was a ‘light’ read, something to pick up on a cold winter afternoon or an autumn night; something to believe in and immerse yourself in the fairytale.

There is a dark side, a darkness that creeps into the book as it slowly winds its way to the climax.  As the author reveals WHY Lil went to the ball instead of Cinderella, what happened on that fated evening and the dark recesses of the mind where trauma and pain can mask themselves as many other things.

This book ends on a peaceful ending but I would hesitate to call it a happy one.

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