Book Review: “Iron Crowned” by Richelle Mead

I truly enjoyed meeting Eugenie Markham in “Storm Born”.  I thought she was a lady with a lot of potential and I believe I was right.  I enjoyed how she was a strong woman who I could smile and do a fist pump into the air as she fought her way through the book.

Granted I was not a fan of Leith and the situation that followed there but I believe that Dorian in the context of the book took care of that issue.  I continued to enjoy the series as it moved to “Thorn Queen”.  I was following and rooting for our heroine.

But then I started reading this new one, “Iron Crowned”… and I stumbled some.  I wanted to like her and Dorian, I wanted them to be the couple who although had their issues and their fights were inherently good for each other.  I wanted to believe that while all of the magic was moving around and changing their outsides their insides would remain consistent.

Actually, when one looks at the actions of Dorian he does in fact stay true to himself even if in this book he manages to abandon Eugenie at a crucial time with seismic consequences.  I felt there were a few too many gratuitous sexual scenes which acted like filler and nothing more – they simply did not move the story line along towards the ultimate end goal of the book.

Kiyo, Eugenie’s former shape shifter boyfriend, was brough back again to the forefront of his novel because he was needed to finish the quest (in more ways than the obvious one) however his brutishness in regards to future of the children involved left me cold and uncomfortable.  I am not sure if that was intentional by the author of if merely she did not realize how far she truly pushed the line.

I know there will be more novels in this series forthcoming but I merely hope the author fills her book with more content, less sex, and not so abrasive ways of taking on hot button topics of the day.

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