Seafood and Sausage Gumbo

Ingredients 3 pounds raw shrimp in shell [I used 3.5 pounds frozen, with only the end tail part on] 1 1/2 quarts water [I added 2 cups of seafood stock to this, see notes as to why] 4 onions, 2 of them quartered 4 bay leaves [I used three because I missed where it told…

Definitions… Chowder, Soup or Stew

Chowder: A thick chunky soup typically made with seafood and vegetables. The name is derived from the French world chaudiere which is a caldron used by fisherman to make their fresh fish stews. Clam chowder is probably the most common chowder in the U.S. but chowders may simply be any soup with a rich base…

Epic Fail: Clam Chowder

I tried the recipe. I did not like how their directions read but I had never made a clam chowder before. This chowder came out horrible.  I will try it again with the modification that I thought of AFTER I had ruined it by following their directions.

Fresh Tomato and Bean Soup

Ingredients: 2 pounds ripe plum tomatoes [I had just under two pounds.  I had bought them for another recipe and forgot I had them, oops] 2 Tablespoons olive oil [Of course I used EVOO] 2 cups roughly chopped onions [I used two green onions so fresh they still had the dirt on them and two…

Favorite Food

And on another note if you have a favorite food or a few I can always toss up a recipe or two including your favorites.


For those of you following my soup recipes… If you have allergies to certain foods by all means tell me what they are and I can work on making soups or posting recipes which avoid those foods. ~Heather